Why Did I Start a Family Travel Blog?


Hello, and thank you for being here!

South Padre Island, Texas, September 2016. (11 months old)

I know, I know, I know… travel blogs have been done.  Thousands of times. Actually, millions.  Over 400 million.

Honestly, I don’t know how different my blog will be from what is already out there.

What makes a Mom start a Family Travel Blog anyway? Find out why I even decided to do this in the first place...

I DO know that my account of our trips will not be the highlight reels. Pictures of the tantrums, getting sick, and arguments are not documented well, but I promise to mention them.


There’s tons of travel blogs by singles, by couples, by families, by backpackers, by young 20’s… and there are plenty of amazing travel vlogs too!  I found a fair share of travel vlogs by couples with babies, but I like to read… I’m not as into videos. (I know that’s so hip right now, but BREAKING NEWS: I am NOT hip.)

All in all, I didn’t really find what I was looking for.  Don’t get me wrong, there are SO MANY awesome family travel blogs out there and  I found great tid-bits here and there, but I NEEDED MORE INFORMATION.

Why I Started a Family Travel Blog


I realized that the only way to find what I was looking for was to find it myself, jump right in … so off we went to Costa Rica, having no clue what we were doing.

And you know what?

It was great!  We didn’t know what we were doing and everything worked out better than we could have ever expected.  We had TONS of bumps in the roads and piles of unmet expectations, but it all TOTALLY worked out!

On that trip, I quickly realized that we actually knew a LOT more than I was giving us credit for.  We’ve done loads of trips with this kid, right?  Why would this be any different?

Okay, so, apparently, I have all this information in my brain about traveling with a little one.

I keep hearing and reading about people who are scared and worried about traveling with their baby… and I want to pick up the phone and call them and tell them all this great stuff we’ve figured out along the way and that it’s TOTALLY DOABLE, and not as intimidating as it seems.

They will be so excited to hear the great news!

They don’t have to put their life on hold for YEARS while their baby grows into a child!

Turns out, they DON’T have to skip all the fun trips for the next few years!

She helps unpack! Leadville, Colorado. (15 months old)

That there are actually BENEFITS to traveling with the baby!

She helps organize and put clothes away! Leadville, Colorado. (15 months old) See? Benefits!

Who would have ever thought?!

Sharing Knowledge With Other Moms and Families

But, how do I call these people?  I don’t know them.  How can I get this information OUT, and INTO the world?!?!  How will they ever know?

Enter cliché travel blog, written by another mom.

And here we are!

My hope is that you will have some take-aways from our experiences; some ideas on how to keep your costs low, best practices for traveling with the little, and thoughts on how to survive and thrive while exploring.

Thank you for checking out my blog and our crazy adventures.

Cheers to Family Fun!



Barton Springs, Austin, Texas. (8 months old)












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